Terms and Conditions

When you book the holiday home, you agree to the rental conditions below. Please therefore read them carefully when you want to book.

These general terms and conditions apply to the holiday home located at Herlegem 72 9700 Oudenaarde and these conditions can only be deviated from if the operator has agreed to them in writing in advance.


Bookings can be made by telephone, email or online. These booking methods are binding. When a booking order is placed, the general terms and conditions come into effect.

1.1 Booking order and payments:

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or immediately via the booking module at the end of the booking process.
  • If you choose to transfer, the total amount must be paid within 7 days after the reservation, including the deposit of 100 euros.
  • Bank transfer cannot be chosen for bookings made within 7 days before the arrival date. The total amount must be paid at the end of the booking process.
  • Each booking is confirmed by the operator by means of a booking confirmation by e-mail.
  • If payment is not made on time, the operator is entitled to cancel the booked period for the rental of the holiday home. The cancellation conditions described in the general terms and conditions then apply.
  • The deposit will be refunded within 7 days after the departure date.


1.2 Cancellation

1.2.1 Cancellation by the tenant

  • Cancellations must be communicated to the operator by e-mail. Immediately after receiving the cancellation, the operator will send a cancellation confirmation by e-mail.
  • The rental price is 100% refundable if canceled up to four weeks before the check-in date.
  • The rental price will be refunded 50% if canceled up to 2 weeks before the check-in date.
  • There is no refund of the rental price if cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the check-in date.
  • The costs for cleaning, any extras and the deposit will always be refunded in the event of cancellation.
  • Cancellations that are eligible for cancellation insurance will be handled in accordance with the insurance conditions of your insurance company. The tenant is free to take out cancellation insurance with an insurance company of his choice. The costs of this are borne by the tenant.


1.2.2 Cancellation by the landlord

If circumstances or force majeure force the operator to cancel the already rented holiday home, the tenant will be immediately notified and the operator will immediately refund the amount already paid. The tenant has no other right than to reclaim the amount paid.



2.1 Liability of the tenant

  • The holiday home must be occupied by the tenant, his co-tenants or his visitors with the necessary care, taking into account the peace and quiet of the environment.
  • The main tenant is liable for damage caused by him/her, by co-tenants or by any visitors, even if this is discovered after his/her departure. If damage is discovered after the main tenant has left, he or she will have to accept the owner’s decision.
  • House rules present and/or provided at the holiday home are an integral part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly adhered to.
  • The tenant must ensure that he does not cause noise nuisance to local residents.
  • It is not allowed to make a fire in the garden.
  • It is prohibited to use the holiday home to organize parties and/or drinking parties. In the event of a violation, the rental period will be terminated without the tenant having any right to recovery of the remaining rent.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire house. In the event of an intervention by the fire brigade because the fire control center reacts to smoking, the costs will be recovered from the tenant.


2.2 Dogs

  • Dogs are allowed and must meet the following conditions:
  • The dog is housebroken, does not bite furniture and is used to going on holiday.
  • The dog is not allowed in the bedrooms, in the sofas or on the chairs.
  • The dog does not cause any noise nuisance.
  • The dog is never left alone in the home.
  • The dog sleeps in its basket or crate.
  • Faeces are picked up with a bag and thrown in with the residual waste.
  • For the safety of the dog, it is advisable to keep the dog on a leash, also in the garden as it borders the car park.
  • If the dog brings additional contamination (e.g. hair, urine, traces of dirty paws, etc.) the tenant will clean this additional contamination himself at the end of his stay. If the final cleaning, provided by the landlord, requires additional work, this will be deducted from the deposit.


2.3 Liability Insurance

The tenant is requested to be insured against damage to third parties, such as liability insurance (family insurance).


2.4 Liability of the lessor

  • The operator cannot accept liability for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to tenants of the holiday home.
  • The operator cannot accept liability for damage caused by natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence and coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.
  • The operator is not always present on site. In the confirmation email of the booking you will receive the telephone number of the operator for urgent cases.
  • Belgian law applies to all booking agreements and subsequent agreements. All disputes relating to this agreement will be settled by the competent court.


2.5 Maximum occupancy

  • In the house description, the operator states that a maximum of 6 people may stay in the holiday home. This number cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. If this is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered terminated by operation of law and access to the holiday home will be refused without any right to a refund of the rent.
  • A child under 1 year of age is not included in this maximum, but must be mentioned in advance.
  • If the maximum number of persons is exceeded, the regulations of the Flemish region regarding fire safety and fire insurance are no longer complied with.
  • If additional persons come to stay in the holiday home without the landlord’s knowledge, a claim will immediately arise for 25% of the rental price per additional person, which will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Subletting is not permitted.
  • Adding beds, tents, caravans or mobile homes is not permitted.


2.6 Arrival and departure

  • Please respect the arrival and departure times so that we have sufficient time to optimally clean the holiday home for new guests.
  • If your arrival time deviates from the specified time, we ask that you notify us in time.
  • Arrival time: the holiday home is available from 4:00 PM on the day of arrival.
  • Departure time: before 11am on the day of departure.


2.7 The end of the stay/final cleaning

  • The holiday home must always be left tidy after your stay. This means: tidying up the house: putting everything back in its place, emptying the rubbish bins, clearing the countertops, putting the clean dishes in the cupboard and leaving the holiday home broom clean.
  • If the house and/or garden is in such a condition that the planned cleaning hours cannot be met, the operator has the right to charge extra cleaning hours at 34 euros/hour. Photos serve as evidence. This amount will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Upon departure, please turn off all lights and close windows and doors.


2.8 Sorting household waste

  • The landlord makes the sorting regulations and the bins available for this purpose in the home.
  • If the waste is not sorted properly, the collection service will not collect the household waste. If the operator therefore has to do additional work by sorting himself, a cost of 34 euros will be charged, which will be deducted from the deposit.


2.9 Mattresses and bedding

Each bed has a mattress with protector, pillows and a down blanket. The beds may only be slept in made up. The bed linen and bath linen are included in the rental price. The bed linen may not be used outside the holiday home. If mattresses/pillows/duvets are contaminated, the costs for cleaning or replacement will be charged to the tenant.


2.10 Guarantee

  • The holiday home has been renovated with care and love and the deposit is intended to cover any accidents or damage.
  • Complaints regarding the inventory and existing damage will be accepted up to 4 hours after your arrival. You can report this personally to the operator on site.
  • The holiday home is checked during cleaning. It is therefore during cleaning that damage, loss or breakage can be observed. If everything has been left in good order and no damage or breakages have been found, your deposit will be returned by bank transfer no later than one week after your stay. If the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is obliged to make an additional payment within one week of notification.
  • It is a good idea to spontaneously report accidents to the operator. This can prevent discussions and misunderstandings.


2.11 Personal Data

All personal data that the customer provides to us is considered confidential and will be kept and processed solely in the context of the relationship between the customer and us. They will not be sold or made available to third parties without the prior approval of the customer.

However, the data may be passed on to a partner who intervenes in the context of our legal obligations or who is involved in the processing of the transaction with the customer (for example: our accountant, a supplier, a subcontractor, etc.).

We undertake to take the best possible security measures to prevent third parties from having unauthorized access to the personal data that the customer has communicated to us.

The customer always has the option to take note of this personal data that we have in our possession and to request that it be modified or deleted, as far as this is possible in order to comply with our legal obligations regarding retention of data regarding commercial transactions. For any information on this subject, please send your questions to our registered office.


2.12 Disputes

Only Belgian law applies. The contracting parties stipulate that all disputes relating to the interpretation, application and execution of the current order or invoice will be settled by the courts of the district of East Flanders.


Contact details:

Stefanie Rammelaere

Herlegem 72

9700 Oudenaarde

+32/ 476 67 55 16